Thursday, January 20, 2011

Just another day...

FINALLY, some weather that allowed the Bakers to get outdoors!! We spend Sunday afternoon at the Crestwood "Dog" Park... No pictures of little Benny because he wouldn't stay still long enough :)

We were joined by our friends, Liz & Richard Knecht, & their new addition, Mazie! I think that Mazie was a little overwhelmed by the dog park, but as she gets to be a big girl I think she will learn to love it! Dog park was followed by lunch at Rojo (YUM), followed by beers at Courtyard in 5-Points! Nothing like a relaxing day with the hubs & friends!

Hoping that we can re-create that fun day this weekend, as long as the weather cooperates!

Until next time,

peace & love.

the bakers.

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