Thursday, January 27, 2011

In progress...

Okay, I know I mentioned a few posts ago that there were some upcoming changes on Daly Street...

Well, here's a sneak peek at phase one of the updates, "master" bedroom facelift: {please excuse the mess...}

Before pictures (with new bedding)

Originally we had some bedding that we got with some wedding gift cards from Macys (which I loved), but it was a tan color & between the furniture, the bedding, & the wall color - everything looked the same drab color. I wanted an *inexpensive* way to give the room an update with some contrasting, cozy colors. I have always loved the burnt orange accents in the window treatments, throw pillows, & artwork, so I knew I wanted to keep that as an option. I liked the idea of a solid, dark-color for the bedding to hide the hair & paw prints from our sweet babies. Some girls at work (who have a better eye for decorating than I do) helped me with picking a new color for the walls.

As you can see from the below picture, we narrowed it down to three & are now living with the "sample" to see which one we like the best:

the one on the left has more blue in it; the one in the center has more green in it; & the one on the right has more brown in it.

We hope to make a decision & get the paint purchased this weekend so that we can wrap up the bedroom project ASAP! What do you guys think? Which one is your favorite?

Once the bedroom is finished, it's on to bigger & better projects at the Baker house (with the help of our sweet parents!)

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Baker Brew

That's right, folks - you're looking at the first ever batch of Baker Brew!! This one is a pale ale in second fermentation - from start to finish it will take 7 weeks! But once it's ready, it makes 5 gallons - so everybody bring your favorite mug to the Baker house around mid-March to try out the first edition Baker Brew!

Ymmm... makes you thirsty just looking at it, doesn't it?!?

Monday, January 24, 2011


Hi all - well, we are 4 weeks in to 2011 & I've started to think back on the mental "resolutions" I'd made for myself for this year. One thing that was really important for me was to read the Bible from cover to cover. As someone who grew up in the church, I was familiar with all the favorite Bible stories, but I had never actually read the Bible - like, really read it. So, my sweet daddy shared an outline that he & Mom got from their church, Social Circle United Methodist Church, that breaks the Bible down in to 365 daily readings. Each one is about 3 chapters long, & takes no time at all. I wasn't able to find the outline anywhere on the web, but let me know if you are interested & I will email you the hard copy I have!

So far, I have found this practice to be so rewarding! I look forward to the end of each day when I have "quiet time" in bed & do my daily reading! It has been so neat to go back & re-read the old favorites as an adult & it's as if I'm reading them for the first time. I interpret each story in such a different way than I did when I was younger!

I've seen some that go through the Bible in chronological order, & I may want to do that next year, but this one is just a straight reading through each book as they appear in the Bible.

As I prepared for this undertaking, I decided it was time I invested in a new Bible, as my former "student Bible" that I have used for MANY years (and LOVED) is a bit worn. I decided on a modern-looking standard NIV Bible from the Lifeway bookstore in Riverchase. So far, I am pleased with my purchase; however, I think that I would also like a daily devotional to accompany my daily reading. Just something a little more thought-provoking. Here's the one I'm looking at:

New Women's Devotional Bible, NIV by Zondervan Publishing

For anyone out there who may do daily readings / devotionals, please feel free to make suggestions for other items that you know are great!

I have a few other resolutions for 2011, but I'm keeping those to myself... What are some of your resolutions?

Until next time,

peace & love.

the bakers.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Just another day...

FINALLY, some weather that allowed the Bakers to get outdoors!! We spend Sunday afternoon at the Crestwood "Dog" Park... No pictures of little Benny because he wouldn't stay still long enough :)

We were joined by our friends, Liz & Richard Knecht, & their new addition, Mazie! I think that Mazie was a little overwhelmed by the dog park, but as she gets to be a big girl I think she will learn to love it! Dog park was followed by lunch at Rojo (YUM), followed by beers at Courtyard in 5-Points! Nothing like a relaxing day with the hubs & friends!

Hoping that we can re-create that fun day this weekend, as long as the weather cooperates!

Until next time,

peace & love.

the bakers.

Changes on Daly Street

we've got some exciting news coming from Daly Street involving some upcoming house projects!! Stay tuned for pictures & updates...

Happy Birthday Benny!!

Little Benny turned 3 of January 11!! To celebrate, mommy spoiled him ROTTEN with treats, chew bones, & a special "puppy waffle" snack. I am also going to treat him to a day at the puppy spa in Homewood to get a nice bath & blow out :) Here's a picture of our little guy while we sang him "happy birthday":

I snapped this one of Luna because she couldn't look more bored, ha ha! She hates when it's not "about her"...

**It's GREAT to be an AUBURN TIGER**

*Snow Days 2011*

Here are a few pictures of the Baker Abode from "Snow Storm 2011" - the snow & ice ("wintery mix") started on Sunday night & didn't stop until late Monday morning. These pictures were taken on Tuesday after the streets had thawed so that it was safe for me to walk on them:

blogging hiatus...

I'm baaaaccckkkk after a long break from blogging. I wanted to be able to add pictures from my new camera & never remembered to get the usb cord to do so :(

Anyway - a brief review of what's been going on with the Bakers:

After Christmas JD & I decided to take a few days off work around NYE to have a mini-vacation at Dauphin Island! We were so excited to have our GREAT friends the Mullens & the Giesens join us for 3 whole days!! This was one of the most relaxing, stress-free, & enjoyable trips we've had in a while. Each family took turns cooking dinner & everybody brought games, snacks, etc.. for the group! I didn't take too many pictures because the weekend mostly consisted of sleeping late, napping, & watching football! We did take all the pups down to the beach one afternoon:

After this much-needed break from the grind, we headed back home to face reality. You can imagine my disappointment when we got home & I remembered that I still hadn't taken my Christmas decorations down... ugh. So, nothing would do - I had to get the house cleaned up. No rest of the weary, right?

A couple of days after we were home, JD & Sam played a gig up at Big Blue Bagel in Crestline! The boys sounded GREAT, as always, & the crowd was really in to them! Here are a couple of pictures from that night:

If you haven't already, be sure to "friend" JD & the Man on Facebook so that you are up to speed on upcoming gigs, etc...!

More to come...

peace & love

the bakers.