Thursday, March 31, 2011

"Daly" Projects

The Bakers are getting ready for *work weekend* in a few weeks - a few of the items we hope to get done are:

*new flooring in bathroom
*tile in shower
*new flooring in kitchen
*ceiling panels in bathroom
*organize laundry room / storage unit

JD & I have never had to pick out tile, flooring, etc... so it has been difficult to narrow down what we like. It's also hard for me to see a tile & imagine how it would look in my home, making me very gun shy to commit to anything.
Here are some items that we think we like:

slate flooring in the kitchen - this is supposed to be durable & easy to care for

I like the clean lines in the above bathroom - but maybe use the larger tiles in the shower?

I really like the texture & the warmth of the limestone in the shower above

beadboard ceiling? Yes, please!!

I like the look of the patterned tiles in the these last two bathrooms : classic with a twist

Last weekend JD & I went to Home Depot with my parents to check out some options for the bathroom. We agreed that we wanted to keep with the current color scheme {grey walls; chocolate brown, grey-blue, & white accents}.

Here are some pictures that I took of what I *think* we're going to do in our bathroom {sorry for the poor quality... used the cell phone camera}:

I recently saw a bathroom reno where the people used penny round tile for the floor - I really liked the way it turned out, & it made me think about doing something a little different with the flooring in our bathroom. Here's some tile that we found at a pretty good price - we are planning to use dark grey grout to make the shapes *pop*:

Here is a picture of the shower tile, accent tile, & flooring all together:

Here is a close up of the accent tile in our shower:

More to come as we finalize our choices & start working on the house!

love for my {fur}babies

Mardi Gras 2011

This post is a loooong time coming, but I had to wait for my camera charger to make it home from Mobile...

Mardi Gras 2011 was a GREAT time & a *MUCH NEEDED* break from the daily grind for me & JD. The Bakers were sweet enough to open up their *fabulous* home to us for the weekend festivities! Did I mention in previous posts that their new house is on. the. parade. route.!?!?! There's simply no better way to enjoy a mardi gras parade than in the comfort of your own yard...
JD's favorite day of Mardi Gras has always been Joe Cain Day {Sunday}, & I think I'd have to agree. The thing I like most about Joe Cain day is the history - check out more info on Joe Cain here
Every year, the "widows" of Joe Cain dress in their best funeral attire & go down to the Church Street Cemetery to mourn their loss. The widows fascinate me, but nobody ever knows who the widows are - they are a *very* exclusive group & one can only become a "widow" if you are invited. Pam & I long to one day be a Joe Cain widow... You'll see a picture of Pam & Johnny's neighbor dressed up as an un-official widow. Also, you'll see a picture of ladies dressed in red dancing in the streets during a parade - these are Joe Cain's "mistresses". The mistresses have to walk in the parade while the widows ride in the floats. As you can imagine, the widows & the mistresses don't get along very well...

Here are a few pictures of the weekend...
{check out those party animals in the last shot}

Monday, March 21, 2011


this past weekend I traveled to one of my favorite cities to celebrate one of my favorite people, Katie Davies.

Katie & I have been best friends since high school & after graduation, we even lived together for a year in college.

Katie moved to Nashville the same year I moved to Birmingham, 2007. We worried about the distance, but it's a straight shot up 65N from Birmingham right in to Nasville!

Katie is marrying her absolute perfect match, Nate on April 1 in Nashville. This past weekend we celebrated Katie by having a "GNO" = Girls Night Out. Friday was a fun night out on the town at her favorite watering hole, Robert's; Saturday was her linger shower, in the fabulous home of another bestie, Sarah Flory; Sunday was Katie's Bridal Tea at her aunt's home. Three fun days of celebration!!

Here are just a couple of photos from the weekend:

I can't wait for the wedding day & feel so honored to have been asked to be a part of it! JD & I can't wait to make many fun memories with the Kivetts in the future!