Thursday, January 27, 2011

In progress...

Okay, I know I mentioned a few posts ago that there were some upcoming changes on Daly Street...

Well, here's a sneak peek at phase one of the updates, "master" bedroom facelift: {please excuse the mess...}

Before pictures (with new bedding)

Originally we had some bedding that we got with some wedding gift cards from Macys (which I loved), but it was a tan color & between the furniture, the bedding, & the wall color - everything looked the same drab color. I wanted an *inexpensive* way to give the room an update with some contrasting, cozy colors. I have always loved the burnt orange accents in the window treatments, throw pillows, & artwork, so I knew I wanted to keep that as an option. I liked the idea of a solid, dark-color for the bedding to hide the hair & paw prints from our sweet babies. Some girls at work (who have a better eye for decorating than I do) helped me with picking a new color for the walls.

As you can see from the below picture, we narrowed it down to three & are now living with the "sample" to see which one we like the best:

the one on the left has more blue in it; the one in the center has more green in it; & the one on the right has more brown in it.

We hope to make a decision & get the paint purchased this weekend so that we can wrap up the bedroom project ASAP! What do you guys think? Which one is your favorite?

Once the bedroom is finished, it's on to bigger & better projects at the Baker house (with the help of our sweet parents!)

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  1. I think the one with the brown in it. Seems like it would tie in best with the orange and brown accents! The bluish tinted one would, too, I think. Love the color palette!!