Monday, May 23, 2011

O.T.W {over the weekend}

hello friends - we kicked off the weekend right with a JD & the Man show over at one of our FAVORITE local spots, Big Blue Bagel! It was a good time, as always, & the guys sounded GREAT!! After the guys played, JD & I headed over to check out ORE {in the old Open Door location} with some friends - I feel like it was the same as Open Door, or maybe slightly more laid-back? OR... maybe my memory is a little cloudy...

>>PS: JD & the Man will be playing this FRIDAY night at O'Daly's in Mobile, so come get your fix! Or, if you'd rather listen to their musical sylings beach-side, come check them out at DI on Sunday afternoon! Happy Memorial Day weekend, everybody!!

Saturday was DO DAH DAY here in Bham, & we had intended to dress up the pups in their best duds for a day out at Caldwell & Rhoades parks; however, due to the aforementioned cloudy memory (& the 90+ degree weather on Saturday), the Bakers kept it close to the house all day. Instead, we went over to JD's aunt Denise's house to get some BEAUTIFUL ferns that she gave us for our yard! I do LOVE a good fern, & these suckers are HUGE - I have some pictures of them in their new *habitat*, but can't locate my camera cord... (story of my life).

Saturday night was a MUCH-NEEDED date night for this gal & my mister... Between JD's shows, band practice, & part time job at Mellow, it is rare for us to have an evening together. Saturday was such a nice treat!

Sunday was work day - JD was out in the yard while I did several loads of laundry & prepared menus for the week! I also got caught up on some reading - is anybody else reading the Sookie Stackhouse novels? I'm on the 9th one, I think: Dead & Gone. Although not much of a mentally-stimulating read, it's a great Summer series! Any followers of the Ture Blood series should definitely read these books! Thanks for getting me hooked, Katie B!

We can't wait for our upcoming beach getaway in a few days & spending a nice loooong weekend relaxing w/ the Baker family!!

Until next time,

peace & love.