Friday, June 24, 2011

my match

How do I know that I married my perfect match? Here's a phone call that took place about an hour ago when I ran out for my lunch break...

Me (calling from my cell phone): JD! I'm so nervous (pausing so that I don't start crying)... I just merged on to the interstate & saw a dog walking around on the side of the road. He looked so sad - I could see his little ribs & spine from the middle lane because he was so malnourished! He looks to be a little bigger than Luna & he has short brown/gray hair that is all matted & gross, probably because he is in such poor health! It breaks my heart! What if he gets hurt? Someone needs to help him! (lip quivering now & tears gathering in my eyes)

JD: Well, pick him up.

What. A. Guy. Without hesitation he knew that in my heart I needed to see that this pup was going to be okay. How lucky am I?

**side note - we do NOT have a new pup. At the time I was running late for an appointment & vowed to look for him on my way back. I didn't see him, so I'm telling myself that some other kind person snatched him up & is loving him :)

Monday, June 6, 2011

loving this

check out this really unique *customizable* piece of art from one of the blogs I follow, MadeByGirl

This little beauty might make its way to the Baker house in the near future...

...and a TOTAL steal at just $45!