Friday, December 30, 2011

50 Rules for Dads of Daughters. wow.

stumbled upon this today & wanted to share...

get your tissues ready :)

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Week 31 & CHRISTmas

Good Morning! We hope that everyone had a GREAT Christmas & was able to spend the holiday with loved ones :) We were lucky enough to spend a few days with the Goodroes in Social Circle! Unfortunately, I got really sick on Christmas Day, which really put a damper on things :( Still not exactly sure what it was, but it's definitely not a way you want to spend the holiday. I think I also had my first run-in with Braxton-Hicks contractions while I was sick over the weekend. Nothing too bad, but enough to get my attention for sure! Regardless, we had a wonderful holiday & really had fun imagining how next Christmas will be when we have a 10 month old!! This year also marked the last time we'll travel for the holidays since we'll start our own little family Christmas traditions with baby B in 2012.

We're back home now & getting in the swing of things today. Sad to see the Christmas decorations start to come down so soon, but we've got to prepare for other events! This weekend we are expecting a couple of JD's friends to come visit for NYE! AND we can't believe how close the due date is getting for Baby Baker (seriously, only a max of 9 weeks remaining???)!!!

I went to see my doctor last week & he said that everything is still looking good - baby is continuing to G-R-O-W (still measuring 2 weeks ahead of schedule)! I won't go see him this week because he is out of the office, but will go back next week & every week until we have a baby! At my appointment next week we will do another ultrasound (to check baby's position & to see that the placenta is where it ought to be) & an NST (non-stress test) on the baby. Should be a longer visit, but I am really excited about seeing how BIG baby has gotten since our last ultrasound at week 18.

Now that the holiday season is coming to an end, we are hoping to do a few last minute things around the house & finish getting the nursery organized for Baby B's arrival!

Still feeling a lot of movement with Baby B, & different kinds of movement - more punches / kicks rather than flips & spins. Also, he / she is definitely starting to form some sort of schedule - I can expect to feel movement at certain times of the day / night. Here's what else is going on with our growing baby this week...

Your Pregnancy: Week 31 (

Your Body
Your mind may not be anywhere near ready for your baby to arrive but your body is already making preparations. One of the ways it's getting ready is by "practicing" for labor in the form of Braxton Hicks contractions. Luckily, these are generally painless, although somewhat annoying as they can occur frequently (the middle of the night, during an important meeting, while you're trying to focus on Access Hollywood, etc).

Braxton Hicks contractions feel like a sudden tightening of your uterus. This is just a little preview of what real contractions will feel like. They usually start to become noticeable around the eighth month and can become very strong by the end of your pregnancy.

While you can't get rid of Braxton Hicks contractions, there are some things you can do to make yourself more comfortable, like gentle exercise (such as walking) or taking a warm, relaxing bath. Calgon, take me away. ...

Your Baby
From this week on, your baby will continue to gain around ½ pound a week until shortly before birth (even though it may feel like a whole lot more with every step you take). Other highlights this week:

Due to increasing space constraints, your baby's arms and legs stay drawn up close to the body now, known as the fetal position (oh, so that's where that name came from!). Plus, your baby can now process information from all five senses—so she'll be all set to smell the pureed peas, taste them, feel them as she mashes them into her hair, hear you crack up and then see the flash as you grab the camera to snap picture after picture.

By now, your baby's lungs are the only system not fully mature. And by mature, we're not saying that the rest of your baby's systems are mature enough to be out past 10 PM with the neighborhood hooligan, just that her lungs need a little bit more time to bake before they can kick it in the outside world.

Your baby weighs about 3½ pounds and measures a little over 16 inches, about the same length as that miniskirt you used to wear (and will again someday!).

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

30 Week Update: We're in the home-stretch!

Short post this week - been busy, busy getting ready for CHRISTMAS this weekend! We finally crossed over to the last stretch of pregnancy & we are half we through week 30! I go back to the doctor tomorrow afternoon & will go every week until baby B is born. Hope to have more to report after my appointment!

Here's what's going on with our sweet growing baby this week...

Your Pregnancy: Week 30 (

Your Baby
Big news for baby's brain this week: It's starting to wrinkle and fold and looks like something that grew in the back of your fridge. This is due to the rapid growth of your little genius's brain cells. Other highlights this week:

Fingernails and toenails are finally finished—causing his or her parents great fear and anguish the first time they try to cut those little daggers (it gets easier, we promise)! Plus, the bone marrow is completely in charge of red-blood-cell production now. Trust us, this is a good thing.

Baby is starting to shed his lanugo—the downy hair that was covering his skin. Now that he's chubbier and better able to regulate his body temp, he doesn't need to sport a fur coat 24/7.

"I spy an umbilical cord and the inside of my mom's uterus!" When your baby is awake, his eyes are now wide open and he's whittling away the hours looking around, checking out his rather dark, limited environs.

Your baby hasn't gained much weight or height this week, as most of his energy's been channeled to the brain. He weighs about 3 pounds and is approximately 15.5 inches long, about the size of London, not the city, Britney Spears' Yorkie terrier. Of course your baby is less hairy and way cuter!

Monday, December 12, 2011

29 Week Update

Time for another update!! Here we are, getting closer & closer to Baby Baker's arrival! It's crazy to think that in 8 short weeks, our baby will be "full term" & will making his / her debut in no more than 11 weeks!! We are so very excited to meet our sweet baby & welcome him / her to the world!

This past weekend we attended the Preparing for Parenthood class given at the hospital! The nurse leading the class was also a mother of three, so she had a lot of good insight. During class, they showed a video of a live birth with an epidural & of a live birth without an epidural. I think this was my favorite part because this has been the biggest "unknown" of my pregnancy - how bad will it really be? I feel like I have a better handle on it now, though. We also learned a few basics in caring for baby - including how to properly swaddle! From talking to other moms, this is absolutely necessary for having a happy baby, so we were sure to pay close attention & take good notes! In keeping with our "parenthood" theme, Saturday night we hung out with baby Caleb for a while & JD got to practice his new skills & change his first diaper :)

Hoping to finish up holiday shopping & wrapping this week, as we have Baker family Christmas this weekend! I can't believe the holidays are almost here!!

Here's what's going on with Baby B this week...

Your Pregnancy: Week 29 (

What You're Thinking:
"How can one pair of tiny little socks make me so happy?"

Your Baby
Having a baby prematurely is frightening, no doubt. But here's a reason to relax: Due to the impressive advancements of medical technology, if your baby is born this week, she'd have a 9 out of 10 chance of survival, which is seriously great news. Other awesome developments:

Baby's brain can now control her breathing and body temperature. She can also cough, and her sucking abilities have been perfected. Look out, boobs!

Your Mini's skin is looking less wrinkled as she packs on the pounds. She's starting to look more like a Pampers model and less like a Depends model. She's now beefing up on the energizing and insulating white fat she'll be born with (unfortunately, white fat is not energizing and insulating for adults!).

And speaking of energy, your little Energizer Bunny is on fire these days. You're sure to feel your share of kicks, punches and elbows, especially when you're lying down. You might want to start keeping a kick chart to monitor your baby's movements, and also to later show your 13-year-old child what you endured for him or her. Ask your doctor how to count kicks and how often you should do it.

This week your baby is a little over 15 inches long—about the length of a loaf of bread—and weighs about 3 pounds, as much as a Macbook Air laptop.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Week 28: The Third Trimester Begins!!

Hi all - sorry, I'm a bit behind in blogging this week! Things have been busy, busy at work & at home with the holidays approaching!! As of today, we are 28 weeks & 5 days along! Annnnd, WE ARE IN THE THIRD TRIMESTER!! It kills me how quickly time has gone by during pregnancy, yet at the same time we are so very anxious to meet this little bundle of joy!! According to my doctor, things are continuing to progress nicely with Baby Baker - still measuring about two weeks ahead of schedule, but my doctor is keeping my due date at 02/26. I'm now seeing the doctor every 2 weeks (rather than 4) & will go back this coming Thursday. Things are definitely starting to get a bit more cramped / uncomfortable for me as baby is growing, growing, growing! Getting a "good nights sleep" is becoming more difficult as I am getting up on average 4 times a night & it's hard to get back to sleep. No real swelling issues, but I have just about given up on wearing my winter boots - I think that more so than swelling, the problem is that my joints are loosening up, so my feet just aren't fitting like they did before. Feet & leg cramps are more severe, but I can't complain - I know it's all part of the body doing what it needs to do to prepare for Baby's arrival! Baby has been moving & kicking more this week & at different times of the day. Maybe he / she is celebrating hitting the 3rd trimester milestone?

Here's what's going on with Baby Baker this week as we venture in to the last phase of pregnancy...

Your Pregnancy: Week 28 (

As the Big Day nears, your baby is getting ready to go towards the light at the end of the tunnel (the tunnel being the birth canal, the light being the one the doctor is shining directly into it so she can see what the heck she's doing). Other highlights this week:

Your baby's eyes are partially open now and can blink. Truly superior babies can actually wink. (OK, there is no way to prove that, but it's fun to imagine, no?) Your baby can also now become a shiny, happy person as she has begun having rapid eye movement (Get it? REM? Shiny, happy person?? We'll be here all week.)

Her eyes have color now, too. It may not be the color she ultimately ends up with, especially if they're light gray or blue. The eyes typically don't settle on a final hue until nine months after baby is born. So when your mother-in-law says that the baby has her eyes, you can politely inform her that they'll most likely change soon. Sorry.

Your babe is downright chubby compared to a few weeks ago. She is about 15 inches long, about the length of an amusement park cinnamon-sugar-coated churro (yum!), and weighs 2 to 3 pounds.

Other events at the Baker house since my last post:
*got ourselves in the Christmas spirit by decorating inside & out! MANY thanks to my better half for doing all of the hauling of boxes & adorning of lights :)
*started holiday shopping (not NEARLY as far along as I had hoped, but baby steps, right?)
*our first BABY SHOWER hosted by JD's sister!! several of our family members were able to attend & brought lots of sweet gifts for our little baby-on-the-way!! We are so THANKFUL to Aunt Katie for opening her home & to our sweet families for coming out, especially during this busy time of year!! Baby Baker is already so very Blessed!!

Tomorrow JD & I have a full day of "Preparing for Parenthood" class at St. Vincent's hospital. During the day we will cover topics such as labor & delivery, options for pain management, C-section / postpartum care, newborn care, & a tour of the birthing suites! I am most excited to see the birthing suites so that I can get a better picture of what it will be like when Baby Baker makes his / her debut!!

That's all for now - hope everybody has a great weekend :)