Tuesday, February 7, 2012

37 Weeks: Full Term!!

Hi all - we are so excited to have reached a VERY important milestone this week, week 37!! Which means Baby B has *finally* reached FULL TERM!! JD & I are soooooo ready to meet this sweet little babe, so any time he or she is ready to make an appearance would be great! :) I was discharged from the hospital last Thursday afternoon - it has been so nice to be back at home, snuggling with my pups & hubby, rather than spending my days at UAB hospital. With any luck, I will stay at home until I go into labor!

Another important note this week is that the UAB OB staff scheduled an induction date (we're calling it an "eviction date", ha!) - unless I go into labor on my own, Baby B will be arriving on FEBRUARY 20!! So, a max of 12 days from now!

I went in for a weekly visit to the OB yesterday, but didn't get any new information - the last I heard, I am still 2.5cm dilated & over 80% effaced. I will see the OB docs again next Monday to see if there's been any progress. I also have a follow up appointment with the cardiology team this week from my first hospitalization. Will post any updates later in the week.

Other than that, things have been pretty good - it's getting noticeably more difficult to get around (I thank God we have a 1-story house these days!!). I have been trying to do one small project a day in order to keep my sanity - today I took the car in for an oil change & while I was out, I returned a few duplicate things to Babies R Us & bought a pack-&-play for Baby B. It was the only thing that we didn't have yet that I felt we would really need as soon as Baby B was born. In an attempt to lure baby out with fun toys / gadgets, I also started assembling bouncy chairs, swings, etc... It's never to soon to start bribing your baby, right??

So - here's what's going on with Baby B's development this week... hopefully we will have met this sweet bundle before I can post next week's blog :)

Your Pregnancy: Week 37 (www.parentsconnect.com)
Your baby is officially baked this week! That means you could literally give birth at any given moment. A terrifying, exciting and overwhelming concept, all rolled into one. Your partner is undoubtedly having the same emotional roller-coaster ride, so be sure to share your feelings and enjoy these last weeks (days?! hours?!) together.

Wondering what's up with your body, your baby and your life this week? Read on ...

Your Baby
Huge news this week: You're carrying a full-term baby! If you were to go into labor today, all systems would be a go. Woohoo! Even though you can't wait for the little bambino to quite literally rear his head, keep in mind that your bun benefits from every day in the oven. Other ticker-tape-worthy developments:

Baby's growth slows down dramatically this week, which is great news for your birth canal. His bones are still soft and pliable and will solidify after he's born. More great news for your birth canal.

So if he's all cooked and ready to go, what the heck is he still doing in there?! He's busy practicing for "life on the outside," working on his breathing, sucking, sleeping, gazing and peeing abilities. The only thing he can't practice yet is his ability to scream at the top of his lungs when he's hungry—but he'll do plenty of that in a few weeks.

At this point babies vary in size, but the average length is between 19 and 20 inches and most babies weigh approximately 6 pounds. About the size of an average largemouth bass caught in Minnesota by your cousin Earl.

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