Wednesday, November 3, 2010

the Bakers lately

Hi All - Hope everybody is doing well!! Can you believe it's already November?!? The holidays are right around the corner & I couldn't be happier :) I seriously had to resist the urge to pull the Christmas stuff out of storage on Monday night & start decorating... ha!

Just wanted to post about what the Bakers have been up to as of late... JD has been staying really busy playing with his bands, JD & the Man and Dangerous Cousin. I think that he has had at least one show a week for the last month & we hope that will continue through November / December! Recently he has played at Otey's, O'Dalys Pub, & this week he will be playing at Big Blue Bagel in Crestline and at Touchdowns in Auburn for HomeComing weekend {war eagle!}! He's also about half way through another school term!

This past weekend we went down to Mobile {first time since Memorial Day :(} to help JD's mom & dad move to their new house!! It's only a few short blocks from the apartment they've been renting the last few years, so still close to downtown. And - better yet - the new house is on the Mardi Gras parade route!! Who could ask for more? I'm bummed I have no pictures to share of the weekend, but my camera is on the fritz! While we were in Mobile we were able to have a little fun - JD & Sam played a show at our favorite bar, O'Dalys Pub. It was a pre-Halloween show, so everybody was in costume. Here is a picture of JD & Sam all dressed up before the show {they were Mormons}:

The coming weeks will be busy ones for the Bakers: next weekend we head to LAS VEGAS for the FLORY WEDDING!!!! {Me = overwhelmed with joy & excitement} Following that I head up to Nashville to celebrate my best friend's engagement party {yay for Katie + Nate}! Then the holiday rush officially begins! We are really looking forward to getting to spend some time at "home" with our families this holiday season.

To end this post, I want to give a quick shout out to my AUBURN TIGERS!!! 9-0 on the season!?! Each week it has been so fun to watch the Tigers come together to defeat the next opponent! We hope this trend continues through December 4 for the SEC Championship!! WAAAARRRRR EAGLE! HEY!!

***I AM A TERRIBLE MOMMY!!! I had intended to end this posting with a mention that our sweet kitty, Aja, came home on Halloween!! JD heard her meow'ing in the front yard & after a little hesitation she came close enough for him to snatch her up & bring her inside!! It was a very emotional reunion for us all & we are so happy that she is home & seems to be okay. She does have a couple of scratches on her head / face, so we are taking her to the vet on Friday just to make sure! WELCOME HOME KITTY!!! {thanks for the reminder, Tonya...I'm a flake}

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  1. I can't believe that you didn't even mention that Aja is home! Geez, I hope she doesn't get her feelings hurt and leave again. :) Just kidding of course! Very cute blog!