Friday, October 22, 2010

one lucky gal...

Good Morning bloggers :) I hope everyone is having a great FRIDAY!!

This morning I wanted to share how thankful I am for all the great friends & family we have in Birmingham!! Although neither of our parents live here, we feel an overwhelming amount of love & support from our network of extended family members & friends who feel like family!

As some of you may have already read from my Facebook page, earlier this week JD & I lost our kitty, Aja. She is usually an inside-only cat, but she accidently got out of the house on Monday night. Unfortunately, we have been unable to find her since then. It has been a long week of walking the streets in our neighborhood looking in all the nooks & crannies (and believe me - there are A LOT of places a kitty would love to hide!!), but during our search I have continued to stay positive through reassuring words & encouragement from our friends & family. Thanks to each of you for your thoughts & prayers! We hope to find her soon!

I leave you with a picture of our sweet kitty:

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