Wednesday, October 13, 2010

lingerie shower? success.

Just a quick shout-out today to two of my absolute favorites: Katie Davies (soon-to-be-Kivett) & Brittany Cole - these two cuties hosted the greatest lingerie shower this past weekend in Nashville (quickly becoming my favorite city)!!

The big fuss was for another one of my favorites, SARAH ELIZABETH WILCOX (soon-to-be-FLORY)!!! That's right folks, we're at the 31-day mark until S & D tie the knot in the fabulous LAS VEGAS NEVADA!!

BUT - I can't get too excited about the Vegas wedding... afterall, I've got to get another dear friend, Liz Perry, hitched this weekend at Lake Martin :)

But seriously, Kate & Brittany - thanks for doing such a great job on the pin-up themed shower!! Everything was great : food, fellowship, fun. You should consider an international party planning business :)

(*sorry no pictures from this trip... as usual, the batteries in my camera were dead - as were my back-up-batteries. death.)


PS: I hope there are as many Jersey Shore quotes being thrown around in Vegas as there were in Nash this weekend :) "Grenade. Grundle. Chodes."

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