Monday, October 10, 2011

Half Way There - 20 Week Update!!

okay, okay - I missed a week of baby updates :( Time is really getting away from me these days - & I know that will only get WORSE! This week marks a few really big milestones for our pregnancy: the half way mark & another *important* ultrasound!! JD & I go back to see my doctor on Friday. Usually, this would be the big gender reveal ultrasound; but, since we're sticking to not finding out in advance, we will just get to see baby again & check to make sure that all of his or her organs, etc are growing as expected!! It feels like it's been forever since I've seen baby Baker - & even longer since JD has seem him / her! We are both really excited to see all of the changes & how BIG he / she is getting!!

More highlights - I've been feeling baby move around pretty regularly over the past week. Since being able to identify what that *flutter* is, I notice it more & more! Some not-so-charming symptoms are increased indigestion, more intense cravings (cheesecake, anyone??), & more difficulty sleeping.

JD has final exams this week for the term - sadly he doesn't get much of a break; finals end Thursday & the next term starts Monday :( This weekend we are heading to visit the Goodroes after their return from sunny Florida!

Your Pregnancy: Week 20 (

What You're Thinking
"Twenty down, 20 to go!!"

Your Baby
This is the week most women get that ever-important gender-revealing ultrasound. If your baby isn't shy, the genitals can be clearly seen at this point. Will the baby pee standing up or sitting down? Well, that depends on how you potty train—but if you're interested, you could leave the appointment knowing if you're carrying a boy or a girl. Other highlights this week:

Your baby has established sleep patterns akin to a newborn now. Many babies even have a favorite sleep position already. Some snooze with their chins resting on their chests, while others nap with their head flung back. Many babies at this age fall into noticeable cycles of sleep and activity, so you may know before she arrives whether you have a night owl or an early bird.

If your baby is a boy, the testes have begun descending from the pelvis into the scrotum. If it's a girl, her uterus is completely formed and the rest of her "parts" are in development. (Is that TMI?)

From this point forward, your baby will put most of her energy into gaining weight and, not coincidentally, so will you! Right now your baby weighs approximately 10½ ounces and is about 6½ inches long, about the size of a can of Red Bull (which has way too much caffeine for a pregnant woman to be drinking).

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