Saturday, October 1, 2011

FUN in October!

Today marks the beginning of my favorite month of the year -- October!! I think it has always appealed to me as it feels the most like Autumn... September is still a bit hot & November gets swept away with dreams of the holiday season {and the Baker wedding anniversary, of course!} Plus, I am a sucker for all-things-Halloween :)

One local event that we try to make every year is the showing of Rocky Horror Picture Show at the great Alabama Theater the last Friday in October.

It is GREAT fun - everybody dresses up & there are a couple of costume contests (regular costumes & Rocky-inspired costumes). For the Alabama Theater adaptation, live actors do a reenactment of the film while it plays on the big screen behind them. Also, the audience brings "props" to throw during the showing of the film (if you aren't familiar, check it out here) Always a great time, we try not to miss this one!

While searching for this year's Rocky details, I found that during the third week in October, the Alabama Theater is showing classic scary movies every night for cheap! The list is pretty much what you'd expect: The Omen, Amityville Horror, Halloween, The Exorcist, Dawn of the Dead; however, I was most excited to see my all time FAVORITE scary movie, ROSEMARY'S BABY on the list this year!! You can bet that the Bakers will be in attendance for this one!!

Hope everybody has a great October!

Also, a quick shout-out to my dad on his birthday today!! Hope you're having a great time in Florida!! Love Lots.

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