Monday, April 11, 2011

over. the. weekend.

This was a pretty nice weekend for the Bakers...

Friday we went to Big Blue Bagel to see JD & the Man perform! My sweet friends {Katie, Tonya, & Leah} came to keep my company! We even made friends with the bartender, Todd.

Saturday morning we got to catch up & hear all about Katie's recent vacay to Puerto Rico with her boo Dwain! {Katie B spent the night at our house Friday night :)} WOW. After hearing her talk about their trip, I am so ready for a beautiful, relaxing, tropical vacation! Her pictures are incredible - check them out!

I also made a cake for JD's birthday {coming up this Wednesday} - I saw the recipe in last month's Southern Living magazine & knew that it was something I had to try: Key Lime Pound Cake! Here's the cake when it came out of the oven, but before I poured the glaze over the top:

...and here's the picture from Southern Living:


Saturday afternoon we grabbed a little lunch in Crestline & then got ready to meet up with the Knechts for the Boil in the Hood crawfish boil!!

Sunday was really chill around the house - JD didn't have to work at Mellow, so we had the whole day to do whatever we wanted. JD ended up brewing a new batch of beer & bottling another one (a CERVEZA) that we'll serve at supper club this month! I hosed off all of the patio furniture & started to spray paint the wicker furniture. Keeping it the same color, but just patching up some chipped places from where we painted it last summer.

There was also a lot of this going on this weekend:

We are looking forward to next weekend when we start our big house projects!!! JD's sweet parents are coming up to help us - I'll post progress pictures soon!

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