Thursday, February 10, 2011

my new crush...

okay, where have I been?!? I'd like to think that I'm usually "in the know" about pop culture in general; however, this one went right over my head.

Recently JD started DVR'ing Tosh.0 on Comedy Central. At first I was hesitant - I was familiar with the show's premise & honestly, I wasn't interested. I mean, a show that features a handful of YouTube videos each week with a few jokes thrown in the mix... how creative could it be? (talk soup, anyone?)

However, being the "super wife" that I (claim to be) am, I started "over-hearing" it while flipping through my ever-growing collection of magazines in the evenings with JD. (magazines to be discussed on a post of their own...)

It wasn't long before I found myself putting my prized 'zines down so that I could watch / laugh out loud with this HILARIOUS show. I'm attributing my fondness for this show to the *precious* host, Daniel Tosh. I mean, tell me this guy isn't too cute??

And we all know how I love a man with a good sense of humor - gets. me. every. time. The clips are funny. Tosh's featured "segments" are original & comical (web redemption - LOL). The guests are relative. Don't get me wrong - this isn't one of those thought-provoking, converastion-starting kind of shows that stimulate the mind... but who doesn't need a good laugh at silly humor after working a 10 hour day?!? "...and for that Daniel Tosh, we thank you"


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  2. i was the same way about it. but four episodes in i started liking it. and his cardigans are outstanding!